Why Growing Urgent Care Centers Should Consider More Services

March 7, 2016 |

So, like most urgent care businesses, yours is doing quite well. You know you want to bring in more customers and that you can handle the influx. But where do you grow to from where you are right now? You may not need to add another building in another location to get that increased business. Instead, you can start to add more services to what you already offer.

urgent care centers provide acute care at more attractive costIt’s what a lot of urgent care centers are doing, as they gravitate toward becoming closer to primary care centers. The focus is still on offering affordable, fast care, but they are starting to offer a lot more to their customers than ever before. This shift is happening at the same time that hospitals are beginning to offer more urgent care services.

If you want to keep up with the trends and stay current, you may want to think about preparing your urgent care center to do a lot more than it does right now. That’s going to take more staff and space, in all likelihood, but the increase in customers will be worth it for most urgent care centers.

Some of the more common additional services offered by urgent care clinics that are seeking to expand are follow-up services, weight loss programs and detox services. A lot of urgent care centers are turning into substance abuse clinics, but they make sure they offer these new services with all the same perks. The service still needs to be fast, and it still needs to be priced very competitively. Otherwise, customers will see they are better off going to a hospital. You have to stick with what makes an urgent care center appealing all while trying to gain some of the customers that go to the hospital instead of your center.

Centers that have adopted additional services have generally been able to do so with success. They have a plan in mind when implementing new services, and they make sure that customers are ware of their new offerings. That’s essential if you are going to increase your customer base. People in your area have to know what you are offering, so you may want to do some advertising or simply add the new services to your location’s signage. Just be certain that you can provide these new services at a high level of quality so that the new customers will want to keep coming back to you.

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