Using Video to Attract Online Customers

July 20, 2015 |
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Online product review sites use video to encourage customers to buy

Online customers have become a major target and there are many marketing strategies followed by progressive companies in order to influence them to consider specific products and services.  One particularly effective strategy is video marketing. Here is an example of an online review site that uses video to present the array of products available in hair epilators.  Their theory is that an informed consumer is more likely to buy from them.

The video marketing mainly replaces the written sales letters. This type of marketing changes the entire game in the marketing. This method is considered to be an attractive method that will bring in more potential buyers from the market. The videos make the context more clear and accurate. The quality and content of the video has improved a lot in recent days making many companies opt for this method in order to market their product in a better way.

How To Create Video Content

Creating video with the latest technology developments in hand is very easy and child’s play. There are many quality cameras available in the market at cheap rates. In order to make a video of professional quality, the person has to create a proper script with a unique idea that will attract the masses. Be clear about what you want on the screen and then start shooting.

There are many places where the screening of this video can be done on the social web sites, television, popular malls, theaters and so on. So videos should be shot keeping it in mind that they have to attract people of all ages to get familiar.


In early stages, one might not have a budget in order to arrange external lightings in such cases the cameraman can adjust the settings on the camera. It is also not necessary that the video has to be long in order to attract more customers. In modern days, everything is short and sweet.

So the videos of about 2 – 5 minutes are enough to explain the concept and bring in customers to the company. Even slide shows with proper presentation and music can be used for this purpose.

Video marketing is an easy method that can be used for the promotion of small businesses. There are many outsourcing opportunities also that will make your work easier. Apart from the creation of videos, professionals will have a proper idea about screening them as well.

Due to their experience, they will give you good ideas where the screenings have to be done so that the company can draw more buyers. Online customers will be attracted only if the quality of the video is convincing.

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